Inlandia Institute

Sun, 11/12/2017 - 09:23

The Inlandia Institute is a lively center of literary activity serving the 29,000 sq. mile inland Southern California Region. It grew out of the highly acclaimed anthology Inlandia: A Literary Journey through California’s Inland Empire, published by Heyday Books in 2006 with the active participation of the Riverside Public Library.

The website was built in Wordpress and was originally anticipated to be a simple website for a non-profit that wouldn't require much more than a few modifications to a purchased temple. The stakeholders neglected to tell us, or actually I think they simply were not aware, that the former website had a great deal of custom code.

The majority of what the old site did was transferable to existing Wordpress plugins however I did need to write code to normalize a lot of data in the old database to be imported into the new website.