The Day The War Of The Worlds Drove Mechs That Stood Still?

Wed, 02/20/2019 - 05:49

Several years ago I created a mech model in Anim8or for a game I called Mech of War. Simple, RTS style game. Point and click to walk the mech and destroy stuff. 

I rendered a version that I was kind of proud of here.

Recently I started playing with Blender again and came up with this. The story is simple; a race of aliens is killing all humans for "reasons". Well, I actually imagined maybe a "The Day The Earth Stood Still" scenario where all the aliens are a hive mind killing humanity because it wasn't being a good keeper of the Earth. In this scenario one of the aliens notices a young girl among the chaos. It takes pity on her and in that moment the killing comes to a halt as the aliens ponder humanities fate. 

Of course, not seen here yet, just around the corner a number of human soldiers have gathered and are about to kill the alien sealing humanities fate once and for all.

I was originally inspired by the tripods from the cover of The Moody Blues, War of the Worlds musical album. 

Jeremy Heminger