Some Old 3D Animation I Built With Anim8or

Mon, 01/15/2018 - 18:59

This stuff used to be so much fun to build...1. I wish I still had all the stuff I built. 2. I wish I was still inspired to do this stuff...Now I sit down, start to do some modeling and in a few minutes I find myself coding or watching a YouTube video...It just doesn't hold my interest as much anymore. This was back in 2008 - 2010 ... ish.

Meh...Maybe some day soon I'll get inspired.

This first video is of a Dodge Charger barreling through the desert. It hits a ramp that jets it up into the air blinding the viewer in the sunlight. But you can just make out that the car is changing. A few moments later the car is gone and BAM! I robot slams into the ground before the camera.

These days transformers are less than passe but, this was 2008. 3D was only just really becoming available to the masses and there certainly were no Micheal Bay movies to ruin the fun. 

This animation used no effects. I used Anim8or to model the car and the scene. I used Game Maker to create the dust trails behind the car and I added the lense-flare frame by frame using JASC Paint Shop Pro. 

I modeled the car first then chopped it up and rearranged it adding the various body parts. The way it was modeled if it were rendered with a 3D printer it could have been a real toy. I was a fan when I was a kid and so I wanted it to be authentic.

It ain't great...but it was fun to make. 

Inspired by the first time we see Johnny Five this robot named Rax is exploring the world and discovers a bug.

When I first moved to California I didn't immediately go into web development. In fact for a few years I worked in shipping. While I was there the company installed a more efficient packing line. I decided to model it in 3D.