About This Website

Sat, 12/30/2017 - 16:09

This website was built using Drupal 8. The template was built from scratch using  CSS, Javascript, PHP and Twig.

The initial purpose of this website was to follow tutorials building websites using Drupal 8 because the company I was working for wanted to move away from Wordpress and needed to move away from Symfony Apostrophe 1.5 because, it was EOL. I did not yet have any Node.js experience at the time and so despite Apostophe 2.0 being available, it was a relatively new and untested solution. Conversely, I had heard of Drupal for sometime. We decided Drupal might be the better choice.

I have since learned to appreciate many aspects of Drupal however, there are some things I still don't care for.

I have built several websites using many different tools and I have found that I learn the fastest when I have a legitimate project.

This is the result. It's reminiscent of my style which is really, "less is more". I don't really care for some of the implementation of Wordpress templates I have seen recently. There is just a ton of memory hogging "stuff" going on; paralaxing and transitions galore. The tend to remind me of that episode of the Simpson's where Homer made a website and stuffed it with whatever he could...Now, of course, the idea behind the templates is that they are a product and are feature rich...The problem is that either the web developer or the stakeholder decided to leave each and every feature turned on. From a developer standpoint I can understand the frustration and have had to deal with this,... just recently.

Note: This website received 65% or above on all Lighthouse Audit reports. There is still room for improvement... But, not too shabby.

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