GIT Exhibition

Sun, 05/07/2017 - 18:20

 "Versioning" is a pretty neat idea. I am not sure of the history of Subversion or Mercurial. But I know that GIT came about because Linus Torvalds..."needed" a version tool. So he wrote one. I find myself doing that all the time.I have a ton of little tools I write for this and that. I don't post even a portion of them. Certainly not the one I use regularly. I enjoy Open Source, but there is something to be said about security. I think I might almost be anal to a level of disgusting about writing code that is secure and well written, but that doesn't mean that I'm any good at it, or that someone out there isn't a great deal better than me. Why roll the dice.

Anyway, I still like to show off a little and if someone likes or thinks they can make use of what I have to contribute. So, much the better.