Santa Rosa Plateau - Sylvan Meadows Trail Head

Sun, 01/07/2018 - 15:21

This is, in my opinion, the best trail in the Temecula Valley Area. It's not my favorite trail but, recently it's the one I ride nearly every day. 

Located on the Santa Rosa Plateau near Wildomar this trail is long and spans a wide variety of terrain. It has parts that are challenging and parts that are just fun.  

(especially for a beginner)

Santa Rosa Plateau Sylvan Meadows Trail Head

The route I generally take. Appropriately 8.76 miles

There are two sections of this trail I tend to enjoy the most. Heading east from the trail head then north I hang left at the first major fork. The trail splits again after about a mile to the north east. Head up hill for a bit then it's a fun downhill ride. The trail is worn on both sides making it a sort of long 1ft tall half-pipe. I love going up and down bunny-hopping off the top wherever I can. The trail has a few rocky sections that mix things up. Once you see the main road again it's an uphill climb back to the top. Not very steep and it has a few more down-hill spots. Near the road there is a fork. I tend to go right. Left looks like a simpler trail but, its holding a secret. Down the road a ways this can get a bit hairy and, not in a very fun way.

Back at the first fork I would head west on the same trail as before. You will be covering your own tracks for a bit but, once you reach the fork that sent you through the woods follow the main trail to the left. This takes you back into the open central area. You can either turn left at the next fork and follow the trail back to the parking lot or you can follow the right trail..."Follow the right trail". This trail is a bit of an uphill climb. It's not really hard...but it's not easy either. It's quite rocky. Not just gnarly loose rocks but decent size rocks firmly planted in the dirt of decent size and a number of tree roots. Both are often sharp so watch your tires. 

Near the top there is a bridge that is down in a revive. The approach on both sides is a steep challenge. It took me a few times to get through without getting off and pushing. But once you get the hang of it...It's pretty easy and loads of fun.

After the bridge there's a fast section with a number of small hills and another little bridge. Then the top. The view is nice. There are two trails from here but don't bother going any further. One simply comes back around after a few yards and the second dead-ends at private property, at about 100 yards. 

So, just relax a bit, tighten your helmet and get ready for the down-hill. It's pretty fast and loads of fun!

The west side trail is a bit more challenging. The terrain has several steep hills that are rather rocky. To ride this trail takes some stamina. If you want a real challenge then about 1/2 a mile in there is an off-shoot from the main trail to the right that is a real grinder. In my opinion, it's just a pain in the neck and I tend to avoid it. 

On the far southwest side there is a small road that connects with Tenaja Rd. From here it's a straight shot down-hill to the parking lot.

This is just my favorite route on a trail I enjoy. There are several sections for riders of every level to enjoy making this trail challenging and loads of fun. There are usually a lot of riders and hikers alike making this a great place to meet new people and make fiends.