Mountain Biking

I have, in recent years, tried to keep myself in descent physical shape. I was very over-weight for several years but, then my brother passed passed suddenly of a heart-attack. And, then my aunt also passed of a heart-attack. I had never really faced death and it scared me a bit. Anyways I started eating healthier and jogging. There is a problem with jogging. It's true I am the kind of person who will push myself, HARD. But, jogging is not really any fun. So not only did my knees hurt despite modifying how I ran I found that I had to force myself to get out and run...This was unproductive. I used to surf as a kid however, I was not very good and what's more the ocean is quite a ways away. So I bought a mountain bike. This was a challenging form of exercise that helped me clear my head and that I really enjoy and would therefore do as often as I could....And I have. So this section chronicles the trails I ride and whatever else related I can think of.

Lake Perris Recreational Area

Thu, 01/18/2018 - 19:58
lake perris

Surrounding Lake Perris in Southern California near Moreno Valley there are a number of trails that are not exactly fun but, there are a few hills that are challenging and the scenery is rather nice if you enjoy wide open spaces. Often I will ride the various trails until I am nearly exhausted. Then I will ride downhill to the lake. There are restrooms with water fountains. The water is clean and surprisingly cold. Great for refilling your water bottle or camel backpack. After refilling I have on hot summer days taken a dip in the lake.

Santa Rosa Plateau - Sylvan Meadows Trail Head

Sun, 01/07/2018 - 15:21

This is, in my opinion, the best trail in the Temecula Valley Area. It's not my favorite trail but, recently it's the one I ride nearly every day. 

Located on the Santa Rosa Plateau near Wildomar this trail is long and spans a wide variety of terrain. It has parts that are challenging and parts that are just fun.  

(especially for a beginner)

San Timoteo Canyon - Carriage Trail

Sun, 12/31/2017 - 13:15
San Timoteo Canyon

This is probably my favorite trail I have ridden in California thus far. It's a basic trail for the most part but, it is a very scenic trail. One very nice feature is the upper trail because it hugs the inside of the canyon up about 20 feet above the main trail. This upper trail allows for a rolling ride with a panoramic view of some beautiful orchards, , occasional snow packed peaks, some attractive hillside houses and and a lazy winding train-track. About half-way through the trail there is a lookout spot. It's a bit of a push to get to the top but, it's well worth it.

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