Fun 404 Pages

Wed, 08/16/2017 - 20:14

Zip candleFor fun on occasion I will build a simple animation for the 404 "document not found" page of a website I am building. Over the last few years working for Geographics I built a few. There is an office cat named Zip who is often my muse and is the subject of all of these animations. Unfortunately I do these on my spare time and I tended to quit before they were finished. Which is fine because they rarely are allowed on to the final product... So the code is what it is.

I think I will likely revisit these using Wes Mantooth sometime.

Click on the photos to see the animations. 

Zip Goes Fishing

Zip goes fishingThis was inspired by an old video game called Alley Cat for DOS PC back in the 1980's. One of the mini games in this classic tasked the alley cat to jump into a Tardis-like fish bowl where the player would control to swimming cat in an attempt to catch as many fish as possible without getting ZAPPED!!! by electric eels. Why there are electric eels in the fish bowl is beyond me. Of course one could also ask why all the fish aren't dead? And for that matter who keeps their fish in an alternate dimension?

The 404 page was designed for a pool company in Texas. So the idea was appropriate.

Photography Not Allowed

zip takes illicit photographs at the museum

Before Doug asked Geographics to build him his latest website. He had me build him a website called Photography Not Allowed. It was supposed to be a place where photographers could post works that were photographed in places where you weren't supposed to be photographing. It was an interesting concept and the website turned out pretty good...but for whatever reason we never went live. 

Regardless I built this animation of a cat (this sprite doesn't look like Zip...but we'll call it Zip all the same) wandering around a museum taking photos where obviously he shouldn't be. There is a security guard wandering around as well. A dog, of course. If Zip gets to close to the guard he will freak and run away. I have a whole list of sprites I built for this one including a hipster goat, some pieces of art, a sign saying not photography and a beatnik pig wearing a barre. 

Zipzilla Attacks Riverside!!!

zip attacks riversideFor the Riverside Downtown Partnership website (for which I won an ADDY award) I decided to have a Godzilla like version of Zip attacking the city of Riverside. Okay the airplanes were more like King Kong and frankly I stole the idea from Monty Python but, so what it's still funny.