Southern California Mountains Foundation

Sun, 04/23/2017 - 14:29

This website was designed by Nicole Beale. I built the markup, the SASS and wrote various modules and modified the Core PHP as was necessary. The CMS was Symfony Apostrophe 1.5. It was sort of an experiment in a way. The previous website was built in Symfony Apostrophe 1.5 and we didn't want to have to migrate the content and re-teach the employees on a whole new CMS. The problem was that Apostrophe was never designed for mobile websites. I spelunked around the code for awhile until I found where all the content was rendered and modified it as necessary. I modified how the whole CMS rendered pages so that it stripped any line breaks and tabs that weren't necessary. I removed how the CMS forced image sizes and content widths so I could utilize media queries. The CMS did aggregate JS and CSS files, but it used LESS and I didn't like how it minified the code so introduced Grunt and SASS. I configured the server to optimize and compress content at the server based on suggestions from Google earning it an 85% on Google's Mobile Website evaluation (at the time the website went live). This was up from a 20% before all my modifications.