Battlezone in Javascript - TODO List

Mon, 02/05/2018 - 22:02

This is a TODO list of tasks for a Javascript web-browser playable version of the classic Atari game Battlezone.

For more information click here.

The game is coming along nicely. I have a playable demo here.


Arrow Keys = Move

Space Bar = Shoot

Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018


Task Done
Change reticle based on if camera was pointing at enemy X
Alert player when enemy is on the stage and where  
Game Over self-play animation X
Spaceship enemy  
Spaceship enemy model X
Missle enemy  
Missle enemy model  
Destroy tank and have re-spawn X
Build a common operation so the text is centered X
Better AI for the tank  
Logic for enemy tank to fire at the player X
Add a moon  
Add radar to the GUI X
Record sound files X
Add sound X
Game start from GUI by pressing return X
Instructions from GUI X
Add volcano  
Make the game area a square that is consitent. This will make the mountains display correctly X
Store high-scores  
Add mini explosion animation when bullet hits obstruction X
Add ability to use tank style controls with keys Q, A, P, L  
Collisions with obstacles for player  
Collisions for tank with obstacles  
AI for the tank to get around obstacles  
Message when player bumps into obstacle  
Decrease player count and game over X
Remove all enemies when player destroyed  


Bug Fixed
The models are not rendering correctly in relation to the camera. The math of the model in relation to the camera is still pseudo-3D  
Collision when firing at enemy inaccurate...not really a bug as I haven't added point-to-point collision  
Firefox - The audio of the engine has a pause in between each loop. It can be done better I think  
Firefox - Game feels sluggish  
Internet Explorer - Spacebar doesn't work  
Internet Explorer - The game canvas isn't rendering at all  
Enemy displays on radar outside of radar  
Reticle doesn't respond beyond 1000 pixels