2020 Landing Page That Never Was

Sat, 03/14/2020 - 19:03


I really wanted to rebuild my website template with the things that I have learned and I even took the time to build a a new landing page using Three.js.

In my opinion it's beautiful ... but I am biased, of course. It was inspired driving to work one day down the 15 freeway toward Temecula. It's true the Sun at that time would be on the other side of the screen but, I digress. ... The mountain profile is similar and hey it was "inspiration". LOL.

The birds use a really basic AI. It's difficult to call it AI today what with machine learning and all. It's "video game" AI. The birds are lazily chasing a moving point in space down amongst the trees that is meant to represent a, "lets call it a rabbit". But, it looks convincing and frankly it took me several hours to get it just right.

There is a drop-down in the upper left-hand corner to change the theme. These are loosely based on global locations, time of day and seasons of the year.

The main these to me actually looks like something from the Seregeti although it's actually a bit more dusty, which is more representative of Southern California and is what initially inspired me.

Jeremy Heminger 2020 Landing Page