Douglas Mcculloh - New Website for Local Photographer

Wed, 07/19/2017 - 18:58

This is actually an upgrade to the artists existing website. His previous website was built in Flash and was, well,... out of date. It had no search engine placement whatsoever and was only 640 x 480 pixels. Still it was, for its time, a pretty cool little site. I offered to simply resize the flash container to full up an entire browser page but, he opted for a complete rebuild. The layout is entirely his vision with my input, specifically on the image slider. The website has an interesting interface relating to a series of photos for a book called Chance Encounters. It uses an aerial map of Los Angeles. The visitor clicks randomly about the map searching for "Chance Encounters" that expose photos and corresponding stories. I wrote the Javascript for them map as well as the image slider.

The photographer used to be a co-owner of Geographics, the company I currently work for. He's no longer directly involved with the company, but still works as a photographer and is apparently planning (at least) a few more books. He's a well educated fellow, very funny and very cool to work with.

He's tall and lanky and always reminds me of the skeksis from the movie The Dark Crystal for some reason. (but I digress)

So anyways, I built this pretty much from the ground up in Drupal 8 in about 2 weeks I think, spread out in between other work.

I really suggest giving it a look. The photographs are unique and beautiful. The stories are compelling; some are funny, others are very sad and  yet others are just REALLY out there.