Sun, 12/10/2017 - 15:55

Inspired by this video I decided to make a good ole' spriograph program. It's true that I was playing around with these types of programs when I was like, 15...well to be fair I guess I started playing around with recursive for loops and writing vectors when I was like ... "8". But, I really didn't have a real understanding on what I was doing until my teen years after taking my first programming classes in junior high. Mr. Jones...Big guy. Sometimes while working when class was nice and quiet he would let out an enormous sneeze!!!

Anyways this was fun. As usual the source code is posted with the demo.

This demo allows the user to set the multiplier M.


This demo animates the multiplier automatically.


WARNING!!! - If you have epilepsy I would suggest not watching this demo.


Spirographs Using Wes Mantooth