Spotya! Your Data Manager CRM

Fri, 02/09/2018 - 08:29

The Spotya! Your Data Manager was a CRM I built in PHP using the Codeigniter framework. It was fully featured allowing customers to view their website analytics as well as create reports, sort and track customers based on their needs and more. The customer could either log into an interface that allowed them to switch between websites or they could view a light version of the interface on their website.

Spotya! marketing had a simple interface that was designed to view loan applications. Over the course of a year I began expanding upon its abilities allowing the loan officers to view more information at a glance and to more efficiently sort the applications. The search could be filtered by various columns using the GUI or by using a simple list of shortcodes. For example; the user might want to search by state and last name. To do so they would type: ":state tx :lastname williams". Note the :[shortcode] notation. Anything following the shortcode would be a part of that columns search. The query would be sorted based on a weighted algorithm that counted the frequency of the results and stacked them accordingly. Again this was dynamic so it updated as the were typing.

As our customer base expanded and the information that the owner wanted to see expanded as well. We decided that perhaps the features that the loan tool provided could be useful for our other customers as well. We decided to add the basic analytics tool as a feature for our customers and charge for expanded features. 

The original application was vanilla PHP and of course didn't provide much in the way of extensibility so I opted to base the new project on the MVC framework Codeigniter.

your data manager header

The program gathered data from a number of sources including Google Analytics, Piwik and a SERP. This data was aggregated in the database and displayed using the Google Graphs API. I built in some basic algorithms to attempt to predict trends in the data.

Extended features included call history, extended SEO assistance features and the ability to export reports in Excel.