Game Sprites Thnog and Jeff

Sun, 05/14/2017 - 21:42

I started working on a game called Thnog and Jeff in like..I dunno, the early 2000's. The original version was built using the original Game Maker by Mark Overmars. I had several variants that even eventually moved to 3D.

The original concept was based off of Earthworm Jim. I think I spent more time on coding the AI for Jeff than anything else. Jeff, "the tall guy", was like "Tails" from Sonic the Hedgehog. Only Jeff was a bit more proactive. He actively tried to defeat any enemies as best he could. Like tails anytime he was forced off screen Jeff's logic would disregard the bounding boxes and eventually would fly into the game again. He was a powerful ally that benefited the player with his presence.

Just more of a list of STUFF that I lost. Its okay, I never completed any of these old projects anyways. This was an indicative trend at the time. I started a ton of grandiose ideas, that were great. And then I got bored. Now, if I were getting paid we might be seeing Thnog and Jeff instead of Toe Jam and Earl.

So anyways, these are some sprites.

I built most of these models in Anim8or. I added any post-render effects in either JASC Animation Shop or in the Game Maker sprite tool. Some of the static sprites I built in JASC Paint Shop.

Feel free to use them... I probably never will.

If I can find any of the GM files. I will post them. If anyone has a copy of Freegadgets Gadget3D for Game Maker 4-5. Let me know. 

Click images to view them animated.

Some final battle concept art I made back in the day.

The boss was this robot dog that drove various robot craft throughout the game. (I am not sure why he was mad at Thnog and Jeff) ..., but he was.
Maybe he thought Thnog and Jeff were a gay couple and he had his own "robot dog" issues. That's not how I wrote it but, the sub-conscious can pull some interesting stuff out. It's a pretty complex simulation machine and I did grew up in a bit of a redneck town where on occasion me and some of my skateboarding friends were mislabeled by the local yokels and we would have to run for our lives.

... To gain some perspective, if necessary, I would reference the Night of the Living Rednecks by Jello Biafra.